Dimensions: Center box – 3 feet by 3 feet by 30 inches high.  Cloths – roughly 6 feet by 24 inches each.  This may be displayed with all cloths attached, or any of the cloths may be removed to make a more streamlined exhibit.

Description: This exhibit is most effective and popular with large numbers of visitors present.  Although there are no instructions (allowing for a number of games to be invented), visitors tend to place the three 5” diameter soft, cloth balls onto the cloths and, by lifting the end of the cloth rapidly up and down to make a wave, try to bump the ball into the center box.  Some just see how high they can bounce the balls.  Some simply like to look at the waves.  In anticipation of visitors trying to sit on the cloth – each cloth is attached to the center box with Velcro.  Too strong a pull on it will cause it to simply come off.  Visitors then have the opportunity to do some quick problem solving and put it back together themselves!

Concept: This exhibit was part of the Transfer of Energy suite, an intended to show how energy can move from visitor, to cloth, to ball (and then originally the balls were supposed to hit chimes suspended from the ceiling to transfer the energy from motion to sound).  We also see it as an exercise in creativity (what game can they invent with these balls and cloths) as well as gross muscle activity.