Dimensions: 3 feet by 3 feet by 30 inches high

Description: This exhibit is incredibly simple, yet mesmerizing.  It consists primarily of a board with holes drilled through it, and deeply colored sand to pour through it.  The board fits into a slot in the sand table so that when sand is poured onto it, visitors can look through a window below to see the sand fall, and pull the board up to see the pattern the falling sand made below.  The table has spaces for two boards, and an additional two boards with different patterns of holes and lines that can be switched out.  Measuring cups and large paint brushes lie in the sand table for whatever use someone may have for it.

Concepts: The designers were inspired by sand going through a sieve.  It is a really simple concept – yet our evaluations from FooFest and Waterfire indicate that the sand table is the crowd favorite!