Dimensions: 3 feet by 3 feet by 40 inches high

Description: This exhibit consists of a low table, coated with photosensitive paint.  Above the table, suspended by a copper frame, is a pendulum made from a flashlight with a uv bulb.  Visitors must crank a hand-powered generator to re-charge the flashlight.  As the pendulum is set in motion, it describes its path in glowing green light on the table.  The older parts of the path slowly fade away as the pendulum moves on.  A black cloth hood over the top part of the copper frame helps keep ambient light at bay, so the images made in light are clearer.

Concepts: The designers were inspired by the intricate patterns inscribed by pendulums in sand – but we wanted something less messy and with an easier re-set!  The light adds a “wow” factor of coolness as well.  We recommend that this exhibit is places away from direct sunlight, and in as dim a place as possible.