Dimensions: 3 feet by 3 feet by 30 inches high

Description: This exhibit looks a bit like a wooden xylophone.  It consists of a box with a top made of beautiful wooden slats.  Visitors twist one, or both, handles on the front of the box to make the slats undulate in a variety of waves.  Visitors can look through one of two plexi windows, or pull the slats up one by one to see the mechanism of off-center cogs on two shafts that make these solid wooden pieces appear fluid.  

Concepts: Although none of these concepts are explicitly stated, the inspiration behind this exhibit was the nature of wave motion – that even though it may look as if a wave is moving across the box towards you, the actual wooden pieces are moving only up and down – not horizontally.  Some visitors try to make the wave come straight towards them through careful manipulation of the two handles – it’s a bit like an etch-a-sketch.  Others place balls or other materials on the top and make up games with their own rules.