Dimensions: 3 feet by 3 feet by 6 feet high

Description: Flight Tube allows visitors to experiment with the movement of items in

turbulent air. The vertical air stream is generated by a large –carefully screened in- fan

at the base of the exhibit, and directed upwards through a large, clear plastic tube. A

variety of objects may be tossed in the open top or fed in through a space at the bottom

and watched as it spins, floats, sinks or flies in the wind. Foam tinker-toys, cardboard

tubes, paper cups, simple paper helicopters, ribbons and more create mesmerizing

patterns as they move in the air. Visitors can also alter their materials with scissors, by

folding or by joining pieces together to continuously experiment with different shapes,

weights or sizes.

Concepts: This exhibit is a crowd favorite! Children and adults of all ages use their

creativity and wonder as they create things that fly, spin, twist and dance.