our mission: kindle curiosity + encourage exploration

A designated non-profit since 2010, RIMOSA’s hands-on, open-ended STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math)- based exhibits and programs – aimed at older children, teens and families – emphasize the tools that artists and scientists share; curiosity, observation, experimentation and communication.

Our vision is to build and sustain a culture of curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking that transforms Rhode Island into a leader in innovation for generations to come. We do that through:

  • Our 4,500 square foot exhibit space where kids and adults explore and create together in a supportive, fun environment
  • Hands-on, minds-on exhibits and experiences that offer opportunities for open-ended experimentation 
  • Portable outreach programs, workshops and media resources that develop curiosity, motivation, grit and problem solving
  • Collaborations with other community groups to tap Rhode Island’s rich resources in arts and sciences, to maximize our collective long-term impact

I want to be a Disney engineer, so this was a blast because I got to be an engineer for the first time. I want to take this class next year! Reverse Engineering ROCKS!”

10 and under female

RIMOSA's impact

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40K children + teens reached through our educational outreach programs since 2010, with a focus on underserved communities

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6,000+ people have visited the RIMOSA museum since its opening in 2017

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Developed and built 20+ hands-on, open-ended exhibits, bring traveling exhibits to 50 venues across RI