Spin Art

This exhibit was constructed from a bicycle.  For each visitor, a new piece of paper is attached to the painting platform with binder clips.  Visitors may either squirt paint prior to turning the crank (what used to be the bicycle pedal) to cause the painting platform to spin rapidly, or start the paper spinning and then add paint as it spins.  When they are done, they squeeze the handbrake to stop the spinning and see what paint and centripetal force has created.  They are always surprised! 

This video, shot in slow motion, shows what is happening as the paint is dropped on the paper while it spins, and afterwards how the sticks are used to scrape designs into the paint 


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The Zoetrope was one of several precursors to modern films.  It is made of spinning drums with slits that allowed the viewer to observe the subtly

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Moon Dust

The Moon Dust Table is a square table with a rotating disk inset in the top.  Like a potter’s wheel, the disk is constantly spinning.

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Flight Tube

Visitors experiment with the movement of objects in turbulent air.  The vertical air stream is generated by a large fan at the base of the exhibit and directed

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Animation Station

The RIMOSA Animation Station is a one stop shop for creating animations. Using an iPad and an app named “Stop Motion,” visitors can take a

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This exhibit consists of a table that supports three built-in pendulums. Two pendulums connect and where they meet, a pen is connected with a clip.

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